Who Are We?

We are TREND Transformations®. In brief, we are a home renovations franchise that provides our franchisees with home improvement products that cannot be found anywhere else as well as the support franchisees need to make the most of these products.

Although there is an incredible demand for home improvement products in the United States, even the best entrepreneurs can benefit from having the right support for their start-ups. However, there are other factors that set TREND Transformations® apart from our competitors, which should interest those who want to make an informed decision.

We Are Part of a Booming Segment of the Economy

Economic growth nationwide has been healthy across all sectors for the last several years, but the home renovations industry far outstrips the rest. As the United States economy grows by 1.4% each year, the home renovations sector is growing by nearly ten percent.

Indeed, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, the home renovations sector is expected to grow by 8.6% in 2016, and then jump up to 9.7% growth by the end of the first quarter of 2017. This astronomical growth means that investing in a TREND Transformations® franchise is an investment in a strong and growing industry, which is a pretty safe bet.

We Are Made in the U.S.A.

Unlike some of our competitors, we make sure that our products are made right here in the United States. This enables us to keep a closer eye on our manufacturing processes, thus ensuring better products that meet our high standards. Our one of a kind factory in Sebring, Florida creates our proprietary products each day.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States. Each dollar spent in the United States will circulate throughout the U.S. economy by being used to buy products and services again and again, thus exerting an impact that is far greater than its initial value.

In the end, we make sure that there are more people with the interest and the means to buy our products and services by keeping our manufacturing in the United States, showing our concern for not just the short run but also the long run.

We Are a Sustainability Leader

Our sustainable manufacturing practices make us a leader in the green building industry, which has been experiencing a boom throughout the United States because of rising awareness of environmental concerns. Our practices reflect our care and concern for our shared environment.

However, our sustainable manufacturing practices are not just the ethical choice but also the pragmatic choice because they come with incredible economic benefits. For example, sustainable manufacturing practices produce better products with longer lifespans while minimizing the waste generated. As a result, they raise profits by bringing in more customers while cutting costs without compromising on results.

Better still, sustainable manufacturing practices have become a cornerstone of brand building. This will not just convince more consumers to see a flooring franchise in a better light but also improve the morale of the franchise’s workers. This is because people know that care and concern for the environment is beneficial for their health and happiness, which means that they appreciate those willing to take that extra step.

Summed up, our sustainable manufacturing practices are an integral part of the green building industry. This strengthens our position in our chosen market.

Further Considerations

Our forward-looking stance makes us a leader in a booming industry, providing our franchisees with stable foundations for future success. Are you interested in finding out more about us and how you can become a franchisee? Then contact us today!

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