When a homeowner remodels their kitchen and/or bathroom, it can provide them with a number of great benefits. Of course, nearly every remodeling project will also challenge a homeowner in numerous ways as well. In addition to the benefits of having a great deal of satisfaction and a high return on their investment, many homeowners are not thrilled with the prospect of not being able to use their bathroom or kitchen for the duration of the process. You can help them realize their dream of improving their home with a popular remodeling project while also tackling their concerns head on.

Granite is a Top Material for Remodeling Projects

There is a reason why granite has enjoyed such popularity for a long time. Not only is it durable and scratch resistant, it is simply gorgeous when it is installed. Regardless of the type of kitchen — modern, vintage, classic, country and more! — or bathroom the homeowner is envisioning,  granite is the ideal material from which to build the look. With the beauty and classy looks of granite installed in a kitchen or bathroom, it is simple to add in the other elements to complete the look.

Granite Overlays Address All the Negatives of Remodeling

Most homeowners love the thought of upgrading their bathroom and kitchens, but don’t look forward to all the mess and disruption that such a project inevitably causes. With granite overlays, though you can point out that not only is the time spent replacing the countertops slashed significantly, there is less mess than one might expect when it comes to remodeling projects that involve replacing countertops.

The secret is that Granite Transformations uses granite overlays. They can be easily installed right over the countertops that are already in place in the homeowners’ kitchen and bathroom. This means that there is very little measuring and cutting. In addition, most jobs take only one day to complete, ensuring that the homeowners can still use their kitchen or bathroom counter.

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