As a TREND Transformations franchisee, you’re on the front lines when it comes to connecting modern homeowners with fresh and innovative kitchen remodeling ideas using green products, techniques, and materials. Your customers are looking to make big, bold statements with their kitchens without negatively impacting the environment, so it’s your job to point them towards ideas that fulfill those goals. Here are six ideas that every franchisee should know about:

1. Open Shelving

One of the most popular design trends for kitchens in recent years is to have open shelving instead of the traditional enclosed upper cabinets. Open shelves give your clients the opportunity to show off some of their finer wares while giving their kitchen a more spacious feel. Not all homeowners will be immediately impressed with the idea of leaving some of their kitchen items out in the open, but they’ll love the reduced costs and improved vertical spaciousness.

2. Mix Warmth with Utility

Modern homeowners demand efficient kitchens that are highly functional. In the past, fulfilling this goal might have meant rather dull colors and uninspired design touches and finishes. But now, you can give your customers utility and functionality with warm colors and tones with just little touches here and there. Suggest colors other than white or grey for quartz or granite countertops if customers find their space a bit too sterile.

3. Use Reclaimed Materials

There’s a bounty of high-quality materials available to TREND Transformations franchises that are simply unavailable to other remodeling outfits. Granite and quartz can be used to create high-quality surfaces while repurposed metal and glass can be used to construct a variety of hardware pieces that add a modern touch. Your customers will especially love the sustainability and reduced costs of reusing these kinds of materials.

4. Use Natural Greys and Whites

The top choice for kitchen color among home renovators remains white, but sophisticated and subtle grey color schemes are showing up in more homes year after year. White can be used almost anywhere, but it’s important to pair grey tones with a lot of light or in areas with a strong contrast of warmer tones like blues, yellows, and light reds. All TREND Transformation surfaces are heat, stain, and scratch resistant.

5. Enhance Light and Shadow

All home renovations should pay close attention to light and shadow, but the placement of windows and lights is especially important in kitchens. Ideally, you want to give your customers access to natural light in as many areas of their kitchen as possible. When this isn’t an option, installing LED lighting can provide the natural tones that most mimics sunlight. The additional benefit of LEDs is that they’re more efficient and last a lot longer than traditional halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

When your customers find out that they can implement some of these innovative kitchen remodeling ideas with little or no demolition, no subcontractors, and little hassle, they’ll be really excited to get started. By being part of the TREND Transformations family, you’ll be part of an international network of remodeling professionals who can give you even more kitchen remodeling ideas that your customers will love. Give us a call today to find out more.

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