Paul and Amy Whitaker, owners of Granite Transformations of Kansas City, were recently recognized as the first-ever Global Franchisees of the Year from TREND Transformations®, a global full-service home and business remodeling franchise which offers stylish and affordable alternatives to traditional countertops, mosaic tile backsplashes and more through a one-day resurfacing process. The Whitakers were honored at the company’s recent convention in Rome, Italy in front of their peers from around the world. While the company has been in business since 1996 and holds yearly regional conventions around the world, this year marked the first time all locations met in Italy for a global convention.

The Whitakers have been in business for 14 years, during which they’ve diligently perfected the customer experience. The entrepreneurial husband and wife team achieved the highest installation revenue among all worldwide locations with an impressive 16 percent growth year over year. The Whitakers attained this growth while increasing their Net Promoter Score® to 93, an incredibly high barometer of customer satisfaction. In fact, customers are so pleased with Granite Transformations of Kansas City’s work over the past 14 years that nearly 70 percent of new business is obtained through referrals.

Besides the hard numbers, The Whitakers are actively engaged with their franchisor, having served on various important committees over the years. They are also instrumental in helping mentor other franchise owners, as well as providing key insight to prospective franchisees looking to join the North American TREND Transformations® system.

“Paul and Amy continually exceed our expectations as franchisees, so we are thrilled to recognize their hard work with our first-ever Global Franchisee of the Year award,” said TREND Transformations® Global CEO Andrea Giuseppe. “They truly embody the spirit of franchising and continually offer suggestions to benefit all those in the system. Paul and Amy demonstrate commitment and loyalty and have been instrumental in helping to grow and protect the brand.”

TREND Transformations® offers an exclusive selection of high-quality surface refacing materials, which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, cabinets, flooring and other rooms of the house. TREND’s unique process involves fitting surfaces directly over existing ones, so there is no messy demolition and projects can be completed in as little as one day. TREND’s products are made from 32 eco-friendly materials, including granite, recycled glass, quartz and mosaic tiles, to create unique colors and textures. The products are less porous than traditional stone and therefore stronger and more resistant to stains and scratches. For more information, visit Granite Transformations of Kansas City or call 913-492-7600.

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