It’s Monday again. The weekend flew by, as it always does, as you worked on projects around the house. But Monday came anyway, much too early, and it is time to clock in at the office and work on the assignments your boss gave you last week.

Run Away from Working Toward Someone Else’s Goals

We cannot be the only people who think that one of the more frustrating aspects of corporate life is the thought that all of your hard work is only in service of the company at large? Even if you are in middle management you don’t see enough of the profits your company gathers. Those are reserved for the higher ups.

Why not start keeping those profits and building equity in your own business? We know you have thought about it dozens of times (probably on Monday mornings). Your dreams of working towards the projects of your choosing and seeing your hard work pay off for you and your family don’t have to mean endless hours working for someone else. You can escape the corporate grind and start your own business a TREND Transformations® franchisee.

Liberate Yourself in a Strong Industry

TREND Transformations offers you the chance to say goodbye to your old life and begin a new one in the booming home renovation industry. Home remolding continues to grow and is increasingly becoming more popular than buying or building new. Moreover, the remodeling industry is projected to reach over $325 billion annually in 2017.

This isn’t just in the US. Both the Canadian and American markets are full to bursting with people who want to update their homes and businesses to increase their value and livability. With all of that money out there up for grabs, now is the time to take the plunge and become your own boss.

Meet Some of the Franchisees Who Have Escaped Corporate Life

You aren’t alone in wanting to take control of your life and leave the daily grind behind. In fact, there are many examples of individuals who have done just that!

Cynthia Mayo—With a degree in Anthropology and Criminal Justice, it doesn’t seem immediately apparent that she would be successful in granite transformations. But Cynthia tenaciously fought for her dreams and, as a franchisee in Sonoma County, CA, she has been able to amass a team of 20 full-time employees and three sales reps.

Greg Brown—You don’t need a business degree to open a TREND Transformations franchise, and Greg Brown proves it. A corporate career was more than enough to prepare him to manage two showrooms in three franchise areas in Canada.

Robert Veilleux—Working 80 hours a week while trying to raise a family wasn’t what Robert wanted out of life. Ten years ago, Robert took his 30 years of experience in construction and opened a TREND Transformations franchise in Ottowa, Canada. And, as a top seller of TREND mosaics, he definitely doesn’t regret the decision.

Contact Us to Learn More

There is no one correct path towards becoming a business owner. Cynthia bounced around in several different industries while Robert toiled away in construction for three decades. What does your pathway towards a TREND Transformations look like?

If you call us today, you can start telling your story about what your life was like before you made the best decision of your life and the amazing life you started after becoming a TREND Transformations franchisee. What are you waiting for?

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