Your customers might not realize it, but when they ask for a bathroom remodeling project, they are embarking on more than a home renovation: They’re headed on a transformative journey, too.

In all likelihood, their decision was triggered by nuisances such as dated fixtures, damaged counters, or worn cabinets. After trying to ignore the eyesore but realizing they no longer could stand it, they had hoped to get their bathroom remodeling project done as quickly as possible — until the disappointing news flooded in: It could take weeks, even months to complete, and the cost of the chic look they were hoping for was well out of price range.

Then they encountered TREND Transformations. The vision, creativity, and tenacity of your franchise has reinvigorated their hopes for the luxurious respite they’ve been dying to have. And better yet, the exclusive products you offer are both affordable and typically able to be installed in one day.

Yes – we did say ONE day! Our unique, quick turnaround is just one of our many competitive advantages in the industry.

Communication Is Key

As with any remodeling project, it’s important to keep customers in the loop as often as necessary or desired – but with TREND, there’s an extra emphasis on the communication specifically because our projects are completed so efficiently.

In fact, because of our product benefits, most of our renovations can be done in a single day, can fit over existing fixtures, and don’t require any demolition. Your customers will be thrilled to see how terrific their homes will look overnight, but it also doesn’t give them very long to ask any questions during the process.

But that won’t be an issue when you franchise with TREND, because our core values revolve around a commitment to quality and character, honest accountability, and a passion to improve people’s lives and make a difference in the world around us.

Understand the Goal

As Remodeling points out, there’s a difference between what your customer wants and what they need. Ultimately, the goal is to give them both, but having realistic expectations is important.

Little things — from understanding the size of the confined space you’ll be working in to avoiding demolition (something TREND always aims to do) — go a long way.

If this task seems daunting to you (and it understandably might if you’re converting your existing home renovation business to a TREND Transformations franchise and aren’t an expert in a given area), rest assured: Our expert training and support will help you every step of the way.

In addition to our several weeks of both on-site and in-person training sessions (plus the extensive continued online support), part of our commitment to our franchisees is helping with personnel management. That means you’re trained to identify, recruit and hire the highest-quality professionals in the field who will deliver the type of expert quality your reputation is staked on and your customers deserve.

Pay Attention to Detail

Just because we like to give customers their entire renovation in a single day doesn’t mean it can always happen. Sometimes your customers just want some added detail that’s going to take a little bit longer.

And that’s okay: give it to them.

Because you’re hiring the finest craftsmen in the industry and have access to exclusive, award-winning materials, it’s OK to show off a bit and give the customer that extra bang for their buck.

Plus, with our unparalleled service, giving the customer the attention and detail they crave is easier than ever. It’s a value that’s been ingrained in our company’s success from Day 1.

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