THE Granite and TREND Transformations STORY

The Italian heritage of our brand and product goes back centuries. With a lifetime of experience in manufacturing premium quality glass and tile, Dr. Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe brought Granite and TREND Transformations’ parent company, TREND Group to life.

As a franchise, Granite and TREND Transformations has been around since 1996, when our first franchise opened in Australia. From the very beginning, the company has stayed true to its artistic tradition, respect for natural resources and commitment to innovation that makes an impact. TREND’s ownership of the Angelo Orsoni Furnace, the world’s oldest glass mosaic foundry, gives Granite and TREND Transformations access to the highest quality materials and the legacy that goes along with it.

A Clear Company vision

Granite and TREND Transformations started with the creation of strong, durable tile. Over the years, we utilized our green methodology and advanced production system to expand and create an array of products.

Today, we manufacture our proprietary engineered stone etherium® by E-Stone. as well as mosaics and more.

Our proprietary engineered stone uses over 31 different agglomerates, many of them recycled.

Proprietary Engineered Stone Granite Transformations

We have managed to set the standards for home renovation higher and our intention is to continue doing just that. In the process of improving the aesthetics and quality of homes, we are offering a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity. The Granite and TREND Transformations story is a rich, Italian heritage turned global entrepreneurial dream. Join us on the journey – it’s guaranteed to be a beautiful one.