Thanks to a rebounding economy and a stable market promoting home improvement over new home construction, now is an amazing time to get into the home remodeling business and specialize in a bathroom remodeling franchise. According to a recent Statista survey, 26% of homeowners are planning a bathroom renovation or addition, and 22% are planning a kitchen renovation or addition in the next two years. For a bathroom remodeling franchise, that is a lot of potential customers looking to hire a professional to advise with or take over the details of their remodeling project. In addition to private homeowners, franchise owners backed with a reputable brand name also have the potential to attract business from hotel operators and partnerships with rental property managers.

But What if I’m Not So Handy? The Difference Between a Franchisee and a Remodeler

While being handy and fluent in tool use certainly helps propel a home remodeling business, it is not a requirement for those looking to join the industry as a bathroom remodeling franchisee. That’s because when you partner with a top home restoration franchise brand like TREND Transformations, you join one of the most experienced names in the business. Such a partnership brings with it all of the training and resources you’ll need to get started, in addition to a scalable and replicable business model that anyone with creativity and drive can successfully implement.

Partner with Us: The Trend Transformation Advantages

  • Great Business Background. Granite and TREND Transformations enjoys a place among the top-performing home remodeling businesses in the country. Remodeling made easy.  Our unique processes allow us to remodel faster and smarter.  This sheds light to our motto, “Done in a day, beautiful for life.” Partnering with us enables you to have a first-hand look at how to operate such a business even if you lack an extensive background in remodeling. You’ll enjoy both initial and ongoing training and support—because your success is our success. This support and resources include personalized assistance with business planning, day-to-day operations, marketing, financial management, and more.
  • Proprietary Products. All of our proprietary TREND Stone and TREND Glass products are fabricated right here in the United States in Sebring, Florida. This means not only that products are American made, American sold, and American installed, but also that as a franchise owner, you get immediate access to all of these proprietary products. We use products such as recycled granite, recycled glass, recycled porcelain, recycled mirror, recycled seashells, metallic quartz, avventurina,  quartz, limestone in our products. This access to quality products will automatically place you ahead of the local competition on opening day.  Different revenue streams allow you to help customers in many ways:  Kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom countertops and backsplashes, complete showers, tub to shower conversions, commercial projects.


Eliminate the Guesswork

In the end, it bears repeating that starting a business isn’t easy. But when you partner with a great franchise model like TREND Transformations, you eliminate much of the guesswork and risk involved thanks to corporate support and training.TREND Transformations, you eliminate much of the guesswork and risk involved thanks to corporate support and training.