What You Need to Know About a Home Remodeling Franchise

If you have ever considered starting a remodeling franchise, now is a great time to begin. The home improvement business is poised for significant growth, and small businesses comprise a majority of the jobs in the U.S. employment market.

The current economic climate has set the stage for homeowners to choose to renovate their homes, as they continue to remain in their homes longer. In fact, recent research suggests that an average homeowner invests in a home improvement project every five to seven years, creating an environment of sustainable growth for anyone considering a remodeling franchise.

Being a franchisee and home remodeler are not the same thing

You do not necessarily need to have a background in home remodeling to own and operate a successful restoration franchise. It certainly helps, but top Trend Transformations home restoration franchises provide training and resources as well as a scalable and replicable business model that most anyone with some creativity, ambition, and the ability to operate a measuring tape can leverage.

The benefits of starting a Trend Transformations restoration franchise include:

  • Apart from the obvious fact that owning your own business gives you a great deal of earning potential, home remodeling has a huge consumer market from which to draw—and one that will continue to be strong. These are consumers with not only high demand for services but also the purchasing potential that can translate into solid revenue and profitability.
  • Partnering with a top home restoration franchise gives you the resources to operate your own business without having an extensive business background. A Trend Transformations franchise offers both initial and ongoing training, in addition to resources to help you with business planning, operations, personnel and financial management, and marketing.
  • Franchising reduces the guesswork and risk when asking “how do I start a home remodeling business” because you are supported by a larger organization with solid infrastructure.
  • Working with Trend Transformations gives you access to resources that will significantly reduce your overhead and operating costs. You will not need to develop your own business model or advertising methods, as a proven, successful business model is already part of an established franchise company.

When seeking a restoration franchise with which to work, choose carefully. The best ones to partner with are those that offer continued support—not just selling you a franchise opportunity and shutting the door. Seek out current franchisees and ask for their input, independent of the testimonials the company may offer.