Why is quality so important when it comes to home and commercial business renovations?

Our customers want to know that the investment they are making in their property will stand the test of time and continue to look as beautiful and stylish as they did upon installation.

They also want to know they are working with a partner they can trust. Too often remodeling projects are time consuming and expensive, running over time and budget and creating more messes than value-added upgrades.

But at TREND, we understand the importance of care and consistency when it comes to everything from the products we use to the service we provide.

One-of-a-kind products that will wow your customers

What sets Granite and TREND Transformations apart as a renovation franchise opportunity is our proprietary products that are as beautiful to look at as they are sustainable. While “green” home improvements are gaining in popularity, we have had a strong commitment to using sustainable processes and recycled materials for years.

What’s more, our customers know they can depend on our products to last and maintain their luxe look even with daily use. Heat, stain and scratch-resistant, our tile, stones, and other surfacing options are durable and stylish.

Our signature tile was initially created for use on kitchen countertops, but TREND now offers an expanded product offering that covers nearly every room: from kitchen to bathroom, flooring to cabinet resurfacing. This allows us to be as flexible as our customers need us to be when it comes to transforming their living and working spaces.

Unparalleled service

As anyone who has participated in a remodeling project knows, the renovation process and timeline are just as crucial as the products you choose to install.

What makes TREND the best option for home and business owners looking to revamp their properties is our headache-free 3-step process that requires virtually zero demolition.

We simply and efficiently measure, fabricate, and install the new surface, in most cases in as little as one day. Since we know the quality of work is of topmost priority to our customers, TREND controls every aspect of the process without outsourcing or using third parties.

Thanks to our decades in the renovation industry we know what works, and we continue to impressive even the most selective clientele with our seamless, beautiful installations.

An investment in your future

At the end of the day, if you are considering a renovation franchise opportunity, you want to know that the business model is solid.

At TREND, we want our franchise owners to have the confidence that everything from costs, to customer satisfaction, to the training you’ll be provided as a new owner will help you achieve your financial, and lifestyle, goals.

The quality of our home improvement materials and service continues into the support and onboarding we provide our franchisees. Not only will you be joining a tight knit, worldwide community, but you will have access to franchise tools to help you run your business smoothly and effectively.

At TREND, quality is in the DNA of every part of our business. Schedule a call to talk to one of our representatives today to learn whether a renovation franchise opportunity is the right next step for you.

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