Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

If you’re considering starting a home renovations business or you already own one, you know that when it comes to home improvements, kitchen renovations are what most homeowners want. That’s because, for most families, many activities center around the kitchen, so upgrades there can have a big impact on a family’s enjoyment of their home. And because kitchens are such a central hub of family life, they also tend to be the first areas to show the wear and tear of years of daily use.

While some areas of the home can be updated with new paint, carpeting or furnishings, kitchens feature many elements that are immovable, including countertops. By upgrading these features, a kitchen can look miraculously up-to-date.

Changing tired, worn-out countertops is a change that can give a kitchen an entirely new and improved appearance, and when it comes to must-have countertop materials, granite tops the list.

But while just about every homeowner would love to have the look and durability of granite in their own kitchen, many believe it’s a feature they just can’t afford. That’s where Trend Transformations can help.

Cut the high cost of installation

When it comes to installing granite countertops in their homes, most homeowners don’t understand is that it’s not the granite that’s behind the high cost – it’s the installation process.

Traditional installation of granite countertops is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Granite is heavy, and that means careful calculations need to be made to ensure the slab is properly supported. It also means a supportive framework needs to be constructed and put in place to allow the slab to be properly secured.

At Trend Transformations, we do away with all that. Our unique “top side” installation process places the granite right on top of existing countertops to avoid the need for expensive and drawn out prep work. That means the countertops installed are just as strong and sturdy, but the installation process is considerably less complex – and less costly.

You can help homeowners get the home of their dreams

Owning a Trend Transformations franchise can help you build a successful kitchen remodeling business by attracting customers who want to feel better about the homes they live in. The home environment plays a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and our lives, and new countertops are an investment in a better quality of life.

They’re also one of the most cost-effective renovations out there. Statistics from Realtor® magazine show minor kitchen remodeling jobs like countertop replacement and upgrades return an astounding 83%.

As a Trend Transformations franchise owner, you can help homeowners get the granite countertops they’ve been dreaming of at just a fraction of what traditional granite countertops cost. Low cost, high popularity, and customer satisfaction: that’s what makes Trend Transformations a great choice for your kitchen remodeling business.