The Service And Product Go Hand-In-Hand

The unparalleled service we offer is an integral part of the TREND Transformations brand. Our proprietary products require our unique installation process, which can’t be learned or used anywhere else. As a TREND Transformations franchise owner, this means you can depend on:

  • Higher Staff retention rates
  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Consistent, impressive end-results

Our premium surface design has turned out to be the ideal renovation solution for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. Our innovative process has played a critical role in our proven track record.

Our 3-Step Process

The TREND Transformations 3-step installation process virtually eliminates the need for demolition, shortening a project timeline and easing the hassle and mess of typical home renovations. As a TREND Transformations franchise owner, you and your installer(s) will learn everything you need to know about this proprietary system.

How It Works
Done in a Day, Beautiful for Life

With beautiful and stylish new materials that apply right on top of the old surface, we make it easy for our franchise owners to help customers transform their kitchens, baths and more in as little as one day!

Complete Integration = Complete Control

At TREND Transformations, we control every aspect of the business model. That means no third parties or outsourcing of materials – in fact, the vast majority of our proprietary products are manufactured here in the United States. Everything is done in-house, which is something no other home renovation franchise company can say.

TREND Transformations franchise owners find our centralized manufacturing process makes for an easier platform to work within and acts as a selling point for the customer. How? The fact that we handle the servicing and warranting of our product has led to an impressive amount of rave reviews. We know how to make homes, and our franchise owners, look good – for a lifetime.