Running your home improvement franchise requires certain tools, and they may not be the ones you first expect. With Granite and TREND Transformations, you’ll master a variety of tools which will be essential to your new business, including marketing materials, our exciting visualizer and our one-of-a-kind product itself. Let’s look at how each of these useful tools can help you build and grow your home improvement business.

Marketing Materials

You may not think of marketing materials as a tool, but when the job is building and growing a home improvement business, that’s exactly what they are. When you own a Granite and TREND Transformations franchise, you don’t have to spend your time installing new kitchen counters—although you can if you want to. You’ll promote your business throughout your territory and draw in customers who see your excellent advertising. The right tool for that crucial job is high-quality marketing materials.

Granite and TREND Transformations has an entire team of dedicated marketing professionals who develop marketing and advertising materials to help our franchisees secure more business. We also give you complete training and ongoing advice on how to best utilize these outstanding tools to see the strongest bang for your advertising buck.

Our Custom Visualizer

One of the best ways to help your customers see the value of your home improvement franchise is with our fun and functional visualizer tool. This tool allows anyone to design their ideal kitchen or bathroom, see how their new features will look and decide on their favorite additions to their home.

When you or your salespeople are working with new customers, our visualizer tool will help you seal the deal and create a sense of excitement about your services. It’s one more way Granite and TREND Transformations is helping you help your clients through your home improvement business.

Our One-of-a-Kind Product

This is another piece of our business model that you might not immediately think of when you’re considering tools, but it is one of the most useful sales tools our franchisees have at their disposal. Our custom product, etherium® By E-Stone is made in the USA, engineered to last and looks simply outstanding in any interior. The numerous benefits are a huge selling point for our customers, and they make it even easier to run your home improvement franchise with Granite and TREND Transformations.

Support for Your Business

Of course, no one can take full advantage of the best tools in the industry without the training and support to use them correctly. That’s why we offer all our franchisees complete training from the very beginning, getting you up to speed on every aspect of your new business from site selection to sales to installation and more, and we keep you moving strong with comprehensive ongoing support.

You’ll make good use of a wide variety of tools in your home improvement franchise, including our exceptional marketing materials, our incredible visualizer tool and our one-of-a-kind product. Granite and TREND Transformations will teach you how to use them all to help your business thrive. To get started on building your new home improvement franchise today, get in touch with us. We’re excited to tell you so much more.

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